Atlanta Restaurants Cooking Up A Storm

by Steven Josovitz

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This past Thursday night in Marietta on a quiet Canton Highway the seven-month opened 13.000/sf  Marietta Fish Market does not have one table open. Passing Gus Tselios’s other restaurant the Cherokee Cattle Company is packed as well as his Marietta Diner and Pasta Bella restaurants. I survey the tables thinking everyone is ordering the cheaper menu items and they are not. I am seeing a constant stream of higher priced menu items ranging from Alaskan king crabs, whole fish, bouillabaisse, fried and broiled fish platters, his famous seafood paella featured on the Food Network as well as tons of specials ranging from $8.99 to $24.99. Sunday rocked at all his restaurants but I expect that as it was because of  Fathers Day but he is packed seven days of the week. With our economy in the doldrums and people being laid off in droves with no end in sight I am seeing tons of restaurants doing great. Tons of restaurants are hurting but tons are weathering the storm and holding their own. I think this summer might be a good one for local operators with so many forgoing vacations out of town. New restaurants are still opening as incredible deals are out there making it an excellent time to acquire a new business or space for a fraction of the price of a new build out.

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