Downtown Atlanta GA Freestanding Elliott Street Deli and Pub for Sale – Steps from Stadium & CNN w/Real Estate, Business & Airbnb Residence – Keep or Convert

by Steven Josovitz

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(This is an Open and Operating Business. Please do not make any attempt to contact Staff, Management, and or Ownership. Documentation and Inspections will be provided upon request)

Elliott Street Deli and Pub and Owners Residence-AIRBNB For Sale at 51 Elliott Street, Atlanta, Georgia 30313.

Priced at $2,700,000 “Lock, Stock & Barrel” w/Real Estate, Business & Airbnb Residence

Keep or Convert.

This is not a tear-down due to Historic Designation of Property.

Commercial/ Residential, Investment Property 

49/51 Elliott Street is an extraordinary Residential/Commercial property located in Atlanta’s Downtown business district. This 4100 square ft. the historic building has two full floors of work-live space, as well as a basement, covered parking and patio, and much more.

Seller just spent $100,000 on an expansion which includes a new 500sf dining room fully covered and enclosed, and another 500sf of outdoor patio and deck, 16’ custom iron gate, windows, and a 12’glass garage door. 

Situated on a 50’x90′ fenced lot near the historic intersection of Centennial Park Drive and Martin Luther King Drive in the Castleberry Hill neighborhood, the property currently houses the Elliott Street Deli and Pub.

The business is also being sold as part of the package sale offer.  Having so many special features found nowhere else in Atlanta, the property is truly unique.

Partners made a $250,000 net profit on the restaurant, filming, and AIRBNB after all expenses and the salary of a full-time General Manager who is available to stay with the new Owner.

51 Elliott Street is perfect for the serious buyer, looking for a stable revenue opportunity as part of positive tangible investment.

Unparalleled opportunity to own an 1870s Icon of the city. Located in Castleberry Hill and next door to the New Mercedes Benz Stadium, The Elliott Street Pub & Inn legendary local music, art, and Sandwich joint is up for sale. From early years as a carriage house to service businesses of the capital district of Atlanta through its years as the celebrated jazz club the Birdcage to the now thriving destination Pub and Inn.

Its a favorite of Atlanta’s booming filming industry. The sale includes The Elliott St Pub & Inn, building, and property.

Owned by the Brothers Jakob, located in the historic Castleberry Hill section of Downtown Atlanta, Elliott Street Deli & Pub is well known for its authentic neighborhood hospitality, mouthwatering sandwiches, yummy cocktails, ice-cold beer, and legendary local music and art scene.
This exceptional property began as a burned-out, abandoned building built circa 1870. originally, It was a carriage house to service the busy central business, city, and capital districts of `original’ Atlanta. From the early 1950s until 1982 – 51 Elliott Street was home to the legendary Jazz club “THE Birdcage” which hosted many notables in the music world, including Isaac Hayes, Gladys Knight, and Curtis Mayfield, just to name a few.

After an almost million-dollar complete rebuild/renovation which left nothing but the brick walls of this turn-of-the-century building remaining, a notable neighborhood watering hole was created and a legacy continued. 
Now, 14 years later, established and thriving, this Pub is a staple on the Atlanta food, music, art, nightlife and just `cool-place to hang out’ scene – with an award-winning reputation for the `Best Sandwich in the City’ and a place to hear some of the most talented musicians in the world.

Atlanta United, Falcons football, Concerts, Final Four 2020, and a host of events are on the schedule for the new Arts & Entertainment District of Atlanta. Centennial Yard, the Gultch Development, and the new Reverb by HardRock Hotel will surely keep the business rolling in for many years to come. 

This is an opportunity to buy a well-established business, in a prime location with continuing development, and own the dirt it’s on for a monthly mortgage of less than it would cost you to lease this space and property.


4500 sq. ft. 2 story building with an “assembly” approved basement, 2500 sq. ft developable lot next door. Fully furnished gorgeous (3) listing Airbnb upstairs:

Elliott Street Deli & Pub, website, history, turn-key Pub, and legendary sandwich spot. “the51” Live venue, complete with PA and musician backline. Partially covered side lot with a stage to host big events And so much more!!

Growth & Expansion: With over a thousand planned residential units being built around us.

Gulch development:

The new Reverb by HardRock Hotel behind us opening the summer of 2020. The future is bright for this amazing property and your once in a lifetime chance to purchase such a property. With a lot next-door to develop however you see fit and approved plans to build a 3rd story on top, you have plenty of room to expand as the city grows around you.

Support & Training:

The Jakob Brothers want nothing more than to keep this Legendary Spot to keep doing what it does. They will help with the transition, training and all things to know to make this property continually produce a profit.

Reason for Selling: After 16 yrs of growing a business the brothers have decided to retire.

Business Website:

The History:

Built circa 1870, 51 Elliott Street was originally created as a carriage house to service the busy central business,city and capitol districts of Atlanta, the impressive Terminus building that was the transportation hub for the city, as well as the burgeoning Southern Railroad. Over the years the building has had other owners and functions. From the early 1950’s until 1982, 51 Elliott Street housed one of the first real estate agencies, loan and insurance Company owned by an African American business man in the city.

The building’s basement during this time was home to the legendary Jazz club “Dee’s Birdcage” which hosted many notables in the music world, including Isaac HayesGladys Knight, and Curtis Mayfield just to name a few.

In the 1980’s a mass exodus of the city’s population moved to the suburbs, and 51 Elliott Street was abandoned and fell into disrepair. By 2004 the property was a burned out, boarded up building, covered in graffiti.

Standing in front of the property in late 2004, Michael and Peter Jakob – two brothers – saw: The CNN Center,Phillip’s ArenaThe Georgia DomeThe World Congress Convention campusThe Atlanta Federal Court House, and the arrayed and growing skyline of Atlanta’s downtown businesses and hotels – all within walking distance from the front door of this storied old building, on a forgotten street, right in front of everything.

Having operated their own, nationally successful General Contracting and building business for 14 years (“Jakob Brothers Construction”), they knew what to look for in a building and this was it; solid. After making it to the roof and seeing the stunning view of the “Capital of the South”, it was obvious this was the spot.


The complete renovation of 51 Elliott Street was literally done by the Jakob Brothers themselves, from wall-to-wall; from the basement floor to the tar on the rooftop. This modern restoration has taken 51 Elliott Street from history, into the 21st century.

In the two-story residence, the two master bedroom suites, two and a half bathrooms, and a large modern kitchen/dining/living room are perfect for entertaining. There is also a half-kitchen in one of the suites, as well as a living room offering great views of the city. This space was purposefully built to be split into separate apartments, or offices – each with separate entrances and bathrooms – if desired.

The notable `Elliott Street Deli and Pub’, contains an enclosed patio and a full basement which were built using salvaged material from the original building – giving it an atmosphere not found anywhere else in Atlanta. The small sandwich station is perfect for high volume – with 100+orders and specialized catering easily handled by one person. The covered patio has a wood stove, and can comfortably sit twenty people, even more with sidewalk seating.  Currently, the basement – which has dual entrance access from the pub above and the outside itself – houses an active, live-music venue called “The 51”.  The “plug-and-play” destination – with stage, lighting, sound board, PA, as well as a separate downstairs bar, dressing room, and acoustics which carry the spirit of legends –make this a coveted gig for bands and music lovers alike.

In addition to almost nightly live music, (which often during nice weather also brings performances outside) “The 51” is a multifunctional room hosting events ranging from gallery exhibits, photography shooting location, community organization meetings, slam poetry readings, CD release parties, after-hours jazz and much more.

Included in the property package is a 2500 square-foot fenced in and partially-covered, concrete parking lot, with two large carports and storage, with separate entrance to the buildings residential, private spaces. The parking area is also used for holding large scale outdoor events hosting hundreds of people, such as the `Iron Pour’ (a distinguished event created by ESP in partnership with Georgia State University), takes place as part of Castleberry Hill’s monthly neighborhood `Art Stroll’, showcasing Atlanta’s premier art district, which the property is a part of.


The building is located in Downtown Atlanta, in the heart of the Art District, Castleberry Hill in the eye-sight of the new Atlanta Falcons $2 billion Stadium. This lofty neighborhood has been called the So-Ho of Atlanta, with its many Galleries, Lofts, live-work spaces, restaurants, and the monthly `Art Stroll’ held every second Friday of the month. It is within blocks of the busiest social and entertainment area of the City. With its close proximity to all of this, this property is classified as an “A” level location.

Just outside our door, city and federal architects have built a new `high-volume’ bridge (an over 4-year long construction project) that will again connect the property to the Federal District of Atlanta (the Richard B. Russell Federal Court of Appeals, the Sam Nunn government building, and the newly renovated )MLK Federal Building which employs over 2000 people during the day.

BONUS:  The original renovation plan as already-APPROVED by the city, contains a full THIRD FLOOR expansion for 51 Elliott Street.  All of the material for the addition is in storage, on the premises, waiting to be assembled.  After completion this third floor apartment space would allow the owner a spectacular 360-degree view of the city.  The building could also be built on the existing concrete carport pad, allowing for another store front or to expand the current business.

The Pub: 

This exceptional property began as a burned-out, abandoned building – and was bought as such, by two brothers in 2004. After an almost million-dollar complete rebuild and renovation which left nothing but the brick walls of this turn of the century building remaining, a notable neighborhood watering hole was created and a legend was continued.  

Now, 7 years later, established and thriving this Pub is a staple on the Atlanta food, music, art, nightlife and just cool-place to hang out’ scene.  Gross yearly revenues are currently at $350,000 per year with Owners pulling out $100,000 after paying two bartenders, two sandwich makers and each brother work two days apiece.

With a reputation for the `Best Sandwich in the City’ and a place to hear some of the most talented musicians in the South, this well-known business is `set up for success’  with a slate of continuous events on the upcoming calendar over the next year. All within walking distance from the Georgia Dome, the World Congress Center,Olympic ParkCNN Center, the UndergroundAuburn Avenue and beyond.

In Conclusion:

This is a unique “Turn-Key“, set-up for successful operation with the opportunity to expand and grow as the city around you grows. You can `Live and Work’ with no commute, in a walkable, livable neighborhood in one of the most historic neighborhoods in the country – and keep an eye on your business with just a walk down a set of stairs.  The owners will help with your transition period and want nothing else than your success and what they built to last for generations.

Watch your business succeed along with your property investment by just looking out the front window of your loft, in this “All in One “, “One of a Kind” property opportunity.

Elliot Street Deli and Pub Facebook Page

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