Shumacher Sells Great Wraps Franchise – North Point Mall Food Court

by Steven Josovitz

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The Shumacher Group, Inc. has sold the Great Wraps at North Point Mall today. Steve Josovitz of The Shumacher Group, Inc. represented Seller in transaction.

This Great Wraps Franchise located in North Point Mall at 1000 North Point Circle #2190, Alpharetta, GA 30005

688/sf with 20/sf of store frontage in an amazing regional mall food court surrounded by thousands of middle to very high income residences in the heart of a very vibrant office marketplace.

Rent is $10,700 per month all in. Lease expires in 2022.

Established in 2012.

Gross sales for 2014 was approximately $405,000 and profitable. Absentee Owner doesn’t run shifts and only comes in for a couple of hours a day to do administration work. Incredible potential with a hands on Owner who would market and advertise to the local business community which offers a very large lunch demographic. Additionally marketing to community groups, schools, sport teams and churches could could dramatically alter and shift sales and profits as well.

Operating Hours are:

Monday-Saturday 11-9

Sunday 12-7


The Great Wraps menu is unique, and features high-quality ingredients and tasty sauces. It offers the perfect alternative for customers who are tired of boring fast food burgers, pizza and cold subs. But the menu is mainstream and broad enough to draw customers back time and time again. From our full line-up of Hot Wrapped Sandwiches to our Grilled Subs and Build-Your-Own Salads, Great Wraps has something for everyone. And Great Wraps is the perfect office catering choice, which represents another valuable source of volume…. and profit Our famous Kurly ‘Q’ Fries, and homemade side salads are the perfect compliment in our Value Combos. We’re constantly developing new products to keep the menu fresh. That’s how Great Wraps continues to build on its long-term success.

Healthy living is no longer a trend, it’s a way of life. People are more aware now than ever how exercise, work-life balance, and what they eat impacts how they feel and their long-term wellness. For the past two decades, Great Wraps has celebrated the notion that you don’t have to sacrifice flavor for the sake of eating well. We utilize the latest methods in oven-based “green technology” cooking, allowing guests to enjoy our chef-created menu items without the need for fryers or microwaves. Innovation, health, and excellence are core values that we embrace in each decision we make and the results continue to speak for themselves.

Consistently ranked among the top franchises in the country, Great Wraps has proven that we will set you up for success. Our superior menu offerings and dedication to our franchise partners is unmatched. We are actively seeking business leaders across the nation that share our values for excellence, customer service, and aggressive growth.


In 1989 we launched Great Wraps because we anticipated a shift that would change the way we eat. Back then we foresaw a revolution in dining as people sought out a restaurant focused on flavor, health, and indulgence – all priced affordably and made to eat on the run. We also predicted that guests would seek a personalized dining experience, so we began focusing on creating an atmosphere that was as unique as our menu. Around that time, a few other brands had the same idea and a new segment called “Fast Casual Dining” started taking shape. Fast forward to today, and Great Wraps now has successful franchised units operating in malls, airports, and shopping centers across the country.

Great Wraps is proud to hold the title as the first restaurant chain in America to offer hot, wrapped sandwiches. So what got us thinking about wraps instead of “just another sub sandwich”? Well, if you lose the bread there’s more room for the good stuff! Guests came to recognize that wraps let the flavors of our chef-created menu items shine through, and the rest is history. Over the years we have worked to expand the menu, but “wraps” is in our name and will always be true to our hearts.

(This is an Open and Operating Business.  Please do not make any attempt to contact Staff, Management, Landlord and or Ownership. Documentation and Inspections will be provided upon request)


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