Shumacher Sells Wise Owl Growlers – Kennesaw/Town Center

by Steven Josovitz

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The Shumacher Group, Inc. has sold today Wise Owl Growlers located at 2615 George Busbee Pkwy. Kennesaw, GA 30144. The Shumacher Group, Inc. and Steve Josovitz

Wise Owl Growlers Info:

Incredible high traffic location at the gates of Town Center Mall and only 3/4 mile away from Kennesaw State University and the new KSU Football Stadium.


Monthly rent is $1800 plus $400 CAM. Over two years remain on current lease with two-five year options to renew.

Established 2014.

34-beer taps

Awesome staff with in house beer expert makes for flawless transition.

Wise Owl Growlers is Kennesaw’s first beer growler filling station. We are conveniently located across from Town Center Mall in the Town Center Oaks Shopping Center 2615 George Busbee Parkway Kennesaw, GA 30144.
We carry 34 draft beers, hard ciders, and sodas on draft daily with many other bottled beers to choose from as well. We are a family owned business that prides ourselves on customer service and beer knowledge. Drinking delicious craft beer no longer has to mean sitting in a dark bar, come in today and grab a beer growler To-Go where ever you’re going!

Many people have never heard of a beer growler before so don’t feel out of the loop if you fall into that category. First of all, beer is the world’s third most popular beverage behind only water and tea, so beer will not be going anywhere soon. In recent years beer has been transforming from a selection of traditional brews to a world of craft brews with new and exciting ingredients creating more depth and complex tastes in beer than ever before. The boom of local breweries popping up nationwide has led to a beer renaissance, if you will, leading to the resurrection of the beer growler.

So what is a beer growler anyway?
A beer growler is a jug of draft beer that comes in 32oz. or 64oz. sizes.

Why is growler beer, better beer?
Draft beer is the ideal way to serve craft beers. The beer is freshest straight out of the keg and the draft system used allows for minimization of oxygen into the beer maintaining proper carbonation to create the purest taste. The growler is sealed tight after filling to lock in the carbonation, and freshness of the beer. Not only is the beer of better quality than traditional bottled beer but allows for transport of the beer wherever you want to take it. We recommend drinking your growler immediately after opening seal for the best tasting brew, and drinking a sealed growler within 5-7 days of purchase.

Can I Reuse My Growlers?
Yes, after your first purchase of our growlers you can bring it back in. We will sanitize it and refill it with a new brew. We recommend rinsing your growlers after each use thoroughly with water. Allow the bottle to dry upside down or leave a small amount of water in the bottom. We do accept growlers from other places but by law can only fill those that are 32oz. or 64oz. sizes.

How many beers do you carry?
We have 28 different beers on tap everyday, and many other bottled beer choices. Many of our draft beers will rotate seasonally so check out the beer list to see which beers we have on tap today. We are always open for suggestions too, let us know which beers you would like to see on our list!




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