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by Steven Josovitz

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Serpas True Food (  is an awesome Atlanta restaurant. A shout out tonight goes to Chef Scott Serpas and his Wife Dawn. They really have their act together from Dawn personally calling me to confirm my reservations and working the floor to Scott taking time out to talk to his guest while overseeing the kitchen. This hands on approach and caring sets them apart and make a difference. We really had allot of fun and awesome food along with spot on service. I have dug Scotts cooking since opening day ions ago at Sia’s and again at Two Urban Licks were he introduced Atlanta to his veal meatball lollipops. Still one of my favorite fun foods.  Scotts cooking approach has always been fun, flavorful, simple, natural, bountiful, and and pleasing on the eyes. We had allot of fun with a bunch of starters from a big bowl of super hot, moist  and delicious mussels topped with a giant hunk of homemade bread to soak up any excess liquids, the world famous flash fried to die for corn encrusted oysters that melted in your mouth and a really crisp baby fields green salad with candied pecans, goat cheese with a light blistered grape vinaigrette. We shared an entree of really delicious jumbo sea scallops over spaghetti squash with   panning curry A side of  sauteed garlic greens hit the spot. Bottom line as always with Serpas True Food is great service , first rate cooking in very cool digs. I can’t wait to go back and try all the dishes whizzing to other tables like soft shell crabs, monster size burgers and fries just to name a few things that made my head turn and that does not even count the in-house desserts. Some info and pics below are  pulled from various sites including If you have not tried Serpas True Food this needs to top your list.

Playing an active role in the revitalization of the historic Old 4th Ward district is important to Serpas True Food according to Dawn Serpas, wife of Chef Serpas and designing influence to elements of this restaurant.  She explains as she cuts fresh flowers to arrange in display, later seen at the reception station, ready to greet the evening’s diners at the front door.  She is witness (and participant) to the transformation that has occurred to the area and remembers balking when asked by her father “if the area is safe?”, hearkening back to the days of ol’, way before my time here in Atlanta.  Being ten months into its virgin year, Serpas True Food has been a noticeable asset to the growth of its community.  Occupying this former 1900’s cotton storage facility and acting as a cornerstone business to the Pavillion at Studioplex, Serpas True Food melds the original essence of the space with its own design homages to both the history of the space and to the basis of its culinary foundation. Serpas True Food does this in the forms of a cotton blossom mural and repeated cotton plant-like patterns on the bench seating, and also with the oyster inlaid counter tops, reminding the diner of Chef/Owner Scott Serpas’ New Orleans upbringing.  He claims to be the only one in his family to have “flown the coop” away from the bayou, and what a flight it has been. Serpas’ culinary trajectory has taken him from NOLA, to Dallas, to Atlanta working around town and finally ending up as the big bird at Two Urban Licks accepting many accolades during his tenure.  He has since started his first independent venture, Serpas True Food, featuring “approachable dishes true to their Louisiana, Asian and Southwestern influences…comfort cuisine that encompasses fresh, hand crafted ingredients perfectly complemented by global wines and cocktails.”  Serpas True Food offers a Sunday Brunch along with their regular weekly dinner services, full bar, and plenty of atmosphere to enjoy your next meal.


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