Shumacher Sells Barrel and Barley Craft Beer Market – Historic Downtown Woodstock – Buyers Converting to Pizzeria

by Steven Josovitz

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Steve Josovitz of The Shumacher Group, Inc. sold today Barrel and Barley Craft Beer Market located at 8600 Main St, Woodstock, GA 30188 in Historic Downtown Woodstock. The Shumacher Group, Inc. and Steve Josovitz represented Seller for a second time and assisted Buyer smoothly getting to Closing. Buyers will be converting space to a pizzeria.

Seller Info:

Barrel and Barley Craft Beer Market

Established 2013 less then a mile from current location.

2000/sf with tons of rear dedicated parking with two entrances both back and front of building.

Current Monthly rent of $2912 all in.

  • Y1: $2912/mo – $17.15/sqft/yr
  • Y2: $3025/mo – $17.81/sqft/yr
  • Y3: $3141.63/mo – $18.49/sqft/yr
  • Y4: $3263.30/mo – $19.20/sqft/yr
  • Y5: $3389.83/mo – $19.96/sqft/yr
  • Y6: $3521.43/mo – $20.73/sqft/yr
  • Y7: $3658.28/mo – $21.54/sqft/yr
  • Y8: $3942.94/mo – $23.22/sqft/yr
  • $110,000 sale adds – $7.20/sqft/yr
  • $100,000 sale adds – $6.55/sqft/yr
  • $95,000 sale adds – $6.22/sqft/yr
  • $90,000 sale adds – $5.90/sqft/yr

Opening costs of $100,000.

Gross Sales 2016: $165,262.04 (total income – tax)
COGS 2016: $104,371.32
Gross Profit 2016: $60,890.72
Debt Paid 2016: $6,170
2017 Through April
Gross Sales: $29,801.70 (total income – tax)
COGS: $15,889.16
Gross Profit: $13,912.54
Debt Paid: $2,040

2014 Gross Sales $353,000.

2014  Owner salary $39,000

2014 Owner paid back $12,400 in loans to relocate store to new location otherwise it would have been profit.

2015 Gross Sales $255,000.

2015 Owner Salary $22,600

2015 Owner paid back $18,300 in loans.

Owner invested $10,000 in  inventory and shelving for home brewing.

Owner runs with 20-kegs plus bottles.

Owner has done zero marketing with large debt to build new store. A “Hands-On” Owner Operator and or Partner with some financial resources committed to growing business could dramatically increase sales.

Seller Comments:

At Barrel and Barley, we strive to provide the best possible environment for beer and beer nerds alike. You wont find out-of-date IPAs in warm storage here, nor will you be sent home with a growler of flat uncarbonated beer. At the same time, we take a very educational approach to beer for our friends just getting into the world of craft beer. Along side our selection of single bottled beers, you’ll find pre-mixed six packs to help you find what styles of beers you like, and our knowledgeable staff is also happy to make recommendations whenever you may need one. We look forward to meeting and serving you.

Thousands of customers accessible by social media, with the following counts:
Facebook: 4,170 likes (More than any other North OTP Growler shop)
Twitter: 988 followers
Instagram: 1,011 followers
Email Newsletter: 2,341 customer emails
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