Shumacher Sells Dive Bar in a Record Setting Sale in One Week

by Steven Josovitz

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August 31, 2015

The Shumacher Group, Inc. has just sold the Dive Bar located at 3184 Roswell Rd, Atlanta, GA 30305. The Shumacher Group, Inc. and Steve Josovitz sold this secret listing in one week representing both Buyer and Seller in super smooth transaction.

This was a sale of a very high volume and very high profit well know and famous business.

Seller/Partner Testimonial:

If you want to sell a bar or restaurant there is only one guy in town! You probably don’t even know how many people I’ve sent your way over the years!
Gavin Abadi
Dive Bar Buckhead

Buyer Testimonial:

“After years of working in finance, I made the decision to pursue a career in bar/restaurant ownership. Several owners in Atlanta referred me to Steve and told me that he was the best in the business of bar/restaurant sales. I’ve been familiar with the Buckhead bar scene for years, and knew that these streets are some of the most high demand, high traffic nightlife areas in the entire country.  I knew that a bar in this district would have almost no chance of failure, and I was adamant on my desire to be a part of the business community. It’s not often that business owners in this area decide to sell, and I approached Steve knowing that there was little luck of being about to find a spot here. After less than a week of working with Steve, he had found me a potential seller, who’s business was extremely successful, not listed for sale, and one on the most high demand locations of the bar district.

Throughout the process, Steve was honest, ethical, straight shooting, always reachable, and relentlessly aggressive in pursuit of helping me secure this purchase. Not only that, but he has continued to support me even weeks after the sale. Everyone from my attorney, to my accountant, to other business owners have known Steve for years and have had nothing but the best words to say about him, and I’m thankful to be yet another satisfied client. I intend to thrive in this business, and when I decide to sell this bar and/or acquire additional bars or restaurants, I’ll absolutely be using Steve again. He really did change my life, and I’m forever grateful.”
Zachary A. Paul
Dive Bar Buckhead




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