This Week on The Street & Closed Shumacher Transactions!

by Steven Josovitz

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This Week on The Street

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This Week on The Street  (A more or less regular compilation of news, factoids and observations.

April 7, 2014

by Harold V. Shumacher

Call it an epiphany, a revelation or a series of coincidences but several events over the past few weeks have caused us to consider some interesting future prospects.

Urbanization and the return to city centers seems to be occurring in some surprising places across the Southeast. While Charlotte’s Uptown Neighborhood and    Atlanta’s Midtown  have seen some critical mass developed, until recently this seemed a limited phenomenon. No longer. Places like Chattanooga Tn., Asheville  N.C., Greenville S.C. and Savannah Ga. are all experiencing new residential developments along with renovations of existing buildings.  While it’s doubtful that we’ll ever see the density of older cities in the Northeast around these parts it’s a bit of a revelation.

Another revelation was a recent visit to downtown Greenville.  While their Main Street has been a pleasant retail and restaurant area for a number of years, the addition of a recently built baseball stadium and several thousand residential units has given the city a whole new vibe. Walking the 10-12 block strip was a glimpse into the future of what planners for the soon to be relocated Braves’ stadium in Cobb County have in mind.

Trendy restaurants, many with roof top decks, cute boutiques and art galleries line a shaded boulevard leading from the business center to the stadium. On both sides of the street new condo’s and apartments frame the picture.

While the official news is yet to be released it appears that the Fuqua Company, along with Pope & Land will be the Braves’ designated retail developer. It’s our anticipation the announcement will be made well before the annual shopping center convention (RECON) in Las Vegas in late May   providing the companies time to line up appointments with interested prospects.

Most real estate agents and brokers today are armed with laptops, smart phones and other technological paraphernalia.  Will drones be next? Experts predict a rapid explosion in the number and utilization of drones in all kinds of industries. Don’t be surprised to see 360 degree videos and close ups of properties for sale in the near future becoming commonplace.

Another glimpse of the future was a dinner hosted by Dinner Lab, a start up supper club heavily dependent on technology and word of mouth advertising to attract members. The premise is to provide members unique dining experiences, in non-traditional settings, featuring local and visiting chefs.  The event we attended was held in a film prop studio in Candler Park and  attracted 80 people , mostly young technology types, sophisticated in- towners and foodies of various persuasions.  The five course meal was prepared by Woodfire Grill executive chef Tyler Williams  and was heavy on locally sourced ingredients and  whimsical combinations of ingredients  all wrapped around an April fools theme.  The highlight for us.  A chili dog made of strawberry ice cream frozen into a tube and bits of melted tootsie rolls as a “chili topping”  all set on a sweet poppy seed roll.

The company is operating in seven cities with other metro areas looming on the horizon. Peter Kruskamp, with the Shumacher Group, helped the company  secure its Decatur office and commissary.

Recent transactions for the Shumacher Group, Inc. include


Takorea,  4474 Chamblee Dunwoody Road.  Georgetown Shopping Center/Dunwoody (former Guthrie’s)

Buffalo Wild Wing- 2200  Peachtree Street (former Justin’s)  Atlanta.

Dinner Lab-Office & Commissary Decatur.

For a more comprehensive list of recent transactions please visit our website


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