WATERHAVEN Restaurant Debuts With A Bang…

by Steven Josovitz

Waterhaven Restaurant Debut

I am very proud to say that I secured this location and negotiated the lease for Joe McCarthy. He is a true professional and his new restaurant is just more proof. What would you expect with executive stints with Houston’s and Capital Grille. Joe has transformed the former Globe into a more cozy and friendly restaurant with very subtle colors that are easy on the food. The kitchen is headed by Chris Lee whose very impressive spots included Wolfgang Pucks Postrio in San Francisco and other very hi caliber food joints. Locally he worked with the Fifth Group and Chowbaby before joining WATERHAVEN.

Early reviews have been really great. Great food at moderate prices. We dined on homemade flat bread with poblano peppers, herbs and melted cheeses, homemade hummas and pita, fried green tomato’s with chevre and pumpkin pesto, Alaskan Halibut, Flat Iron Steak and as very yummy and melt in your mouth braised Oxtails that according to Food Critic Cliff Bostock is the New Short Ribs. I cannot remember the last time I tried it and maybe it was in chef school but wow they really are good. The entree’s are very moderatly priced but made with only the highest quality products and the portions sizes are bigger then your average hi caliber cuisine restaurant. I still cannot figure out how Chef Lee could make the lightest Matzoh Balls I have eaten. He formed into little dumplings and served them with my Oxtails along with vegetables and root vegetables.

We finished off our meal with a lemon and fresh blueberry custard with some crystallized fruit that escapes me that was a very tasty garnish. How could we not order it when the owner said it was so incredible that he ate it for breakfast. The wine list including the Steel Zinfandel we enjoyed was very moderately priced  and also included several organic wines. WATERHAVEN serves a great lunch as well.

Stop in and say hello to Joe and Chris.

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