Roswell Restaurants Kicking Up A Storm

by Steven Josovitz

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Visiting Historic Roswell tonight found allot of activity and excitement. Red Salt a happening and hip restaurant and bar were very deep at the bar and had an hour wait for a table. Almost every restaurant on Canton Street was brimming with not a single outdoor table to be seen. Nearby on secluded Green Street we visited GA restaurant legend Bill Greenwoods two restaurants Greenwoods On Green Street and Swallow At The Swallow. At 8:00 both restaurants were packed and both restaurants still had good activity when we left at 9:30. I was reminded how much I missed Bill’s cooking of flavorful veggies, fried chicken, homemade corn muffins and delicious coconut crème pie. The fried chicken is worth the wait with the batter soaked in pepper sauce and honey and fried to order. Servers passing our table teasing us with chicken potpie, meatloaf, GA trout, pork chops, and tons of different pies, Bill is famous for. Next time we’ll do BBQ at the Swallow and listen to some live bands they have every week. I heard from Friends that PURE Taqueria in Roswell and tons of other restaurants and bars in the suburbs were hopping as well.  Happy Forth Of July everyone.

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